Mortgages made easier:
A mortgage is a loan secured against your home - which may be repossessed if you fail to keep up your repayments. With such a bewildering choice of providers, repayment schemes and interest rates, un-biased expert advice is essential. There are two repayment schemes.

Repayment mortgage
under this scheme you pay capital and interest each month .
under this scheme you pay only interest to the lender on the outstanding balance. You repay the capital at the end of the term .Some lenders offer a combination of the two schemes.
Interest rates
There are many different types of interest schemes such as Fixed, Discount, Capped and collar, Flexible,current account, offset, tracker or even a combination of these schemes.
Buy to let mortgages
For Landlords a Buy to let mortgage is available from various lenders. Very useful for Landlords and property investors.
Re mortgage:
If you need further finance to improve your home or for other uses you can raise extra money on the home. This depends on your ability to pay and equity in your exiting home. Please seek expert advice from an independent financial broker.
What is APR?
It takes into account other costs, such as any booking fee, arrangement fee etc. All lenders quote the standard rate and the APR. It gives a more accurate indication of which mortgage is likely to be cheaper over the whole mortgage term. It is important to compare different lenders APR rates.
Ask an Independent Mortgage Broker!
It's the only way of ensuring that you choose the right mortgage. We can introduce you to a mortgage broker regulated by the FCA. To find out more, call 020 8390 8500, email

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